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eSmart is an Embedded Products and IoT Solutions company. Our Wireless Physical Access Control and Realtime Indoor Location System (RTLS) in one is an end to end solution for diverse use-cases with a fantastic return on investment .

Since 2004, we have built and delivered Smart Card Operating Systems and Payment Solutions to global customers.


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Products & Solutions


A massively scalable Wireless Physical Access Control & Indoor Positioning (RTLS) System comprising of a Platform, Wireless Readers, Door Locks & Tags & Tokens along with associated smartphone Apps. The system is designed ground up using the latest IoT technologies and allows full feature access control & visitor in addition to dynamic positioning of your assets or personnel indoors. Our patent pending design can handle hundreds of doors and thousands of assets or people in a simple to use yet extremely secure implementation.

Our IP65 compliant, Wireless Smart Readers that have in-built support for Wifi for connecting to our Platform, Bluetooth/ 868 Mhz / UWB for Indoor positioning and NFC or Prox smart card interfaces access control respectively.

The readers need 12 VDC power and offer optional Wiegand interface for connection to legacy environments. 

Tag your assets, visitors, contractors, students, patients etc.. with our MYTAG Tokens & Tags and the system will allow you to know the Indoor position of the tagged assets at all times at programmable interavals. Available with BLE, 868 Mhz or UWB to suit your needs in terms of positioning accuracy.

Tags come with a repleaceable button cells with a life of between 3-12 months depending on use-case and technology deployed.

We enable an off-the-shelf Magnetic Door Lock with our communications module to Wirelessly talk to the readers and platform over WiFi thereby eliminating the need to run data cables around site leading to huge savings in terms of money and installation time (except power). The module allows the lock to provide network backup functions in case the WiFi network fails allowing high availability of the solution in a degraded mode.

IoT Platform

MYTAG IoT Platform is the heart of the System and gives complete Physical Access Control & Indoor Positioning Solution (RTLS) based on Internet of Things (IoT) Technology.

Hosted in the Cloud or On-Premises, manages always ON subscriptions, Visitor / Contractor / Asset Life Cycle Monitoring, Full Feature Wireless Physical Access, Visitor Management & Indoor Positioning of Assets or Personnel. 


Physical Access Control

Simplify your smart card based physical access control deployment. Use MyTag Platform with our wireless readers and locks. Eliminate expensie wiring costs and begin enrolling 100s of doors and 1000's of people & assets.


Accurate Indoor RTLS

Create and define Areas to track Assets, Visitors or Contractors with +/- 0.5 m accuracy indoors. Get near real time visual feedback and build limitless use cases in Retail, Warehousing, Education, Healthcare etc..



Special emphasis has been placed in ensuring security of your privacy and information with end-to-end encryption, user and data authentication, OWASP testing. LDAP integration for secure access and provisioning is available as an option.


Business Intelligence

Generate realtime heatmaps, analyze traffic within the premises, checkout the Dwell Time and Flow Rates in your premises. Dive further into data and dissect data based on time, gender, events, etc..


Device Management

Control all connected devices from the platform, whether it is to update the firmware remotely, reboot/restart the devices or perform remote diagnostics. All key devices and application transactions are logged with simple search & dashboard.

SmartScos® Smart Card Operating Systems

e-Smart has built and licensed state of the art smart card operating systems to the global who's who of the Smart Card Industry. We have over 15 years experience with a state of the art lab certified for secure product development. 

SmartScos® SCOSTA

A Native ISO 7816 Contact mode OS based on NIC's 1.2b specification with errata & addendum, SmartScos SCOSTA is available on NXP & Samsung and other micro-controllers. Suitable for Driving Licenses, Vehicle Registration, Micro Insurance, Micro Banking, National ID and many other schemes, the product is available with 32K and 64K EEPROM/Secure Flash clear memory.

SmartScos® SCOSTA CL

A Native ISO 14443 Type A & B Contactless mode OS based on NIC's 1.2 specification, SmartScos SCOSTA CL is available on NXP & Samsung micro-controllers. The product is certified by international testing labs like FIME and Keolabs. The OS is available for licensing with upto 80K EEPROM/Secure Flash clear memory. A specific version with inbuilt closed loop e-Purse is available.

SmartScos® e-Passport

A Native ICAO 9303 compliant OS for MRTD application, The product is certified upto Common Criteria CCEAL 4+ and is tested for interoperability extensively.

The product supports PA/BAC and AA/BAC.

SmartScos® eDL/IDL

A Native ISO 18013 - 1,2,3,4 compliant OS for global Electronic Driving License / International Driving License schemes. The product is certified by Keolabs.

SmartScos® PKI

A native operating system, SmartScos PKI is a RSA compliant smart card OS with RSA asymmetric key and PKCS#15 support. Supports RSA 1024 and 2048, SHA 1, SHA 256.

SmartScos® qSPARC (Rupay)

A dual interface applet with ISO 7816 and ISO 14443 support, designed on National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) qSPARC 2.0 specification. Supports CDA, DDA & Discover. Native version on it's way.

Core Competencies

Firmware Design

Our core competency in designing all firmware stacks inhouse for our products puts us a cut above the rest. We have designed and licensed Smart Card OS for diverse chip platforms and most of the firmware for our IoT products.

Hardware Design

A natural extension of our firmware design competencies, we have conceptualized, designed and built our entire IoT product range. We have a full complement of engineers from Industrial Design to Electronics hardware Design.

Applications & Platforms

A system is not complete without it's associated Platforms and Applications. Our Teams are proficient in AI/ML, NODE, .NET etc.. Apple & Android Platforms and deliver massively scalable, secure solutions for today's business needs.

Business Domains

Identity Assurance

Our Smart Card & Biometrics division is certified to work on secure products and has licensed IP to reputed international companies. Our products include Smart Card Operating Sytems, Secure Elements.. Our OS products are used in ePassports, eGovernance Applications, Payments etc..


Our Payments products division designs and develops EMV card Operating System, NPCI's Qsparc 2.0 payments applet, Native Card OS with ePurse for closed loop payments. We have designed a Low Cost Smart Card Readers for qSPARC and EMV cards that connect to a smartphone over wifi or non-OTG port.

Internet of Things

We have designed a patent pending Secure Wireless Physical Access Control & Indoor Positioning System that revolutionises the domain. In addition to a full complement of Access control functionality, the system provides 2 m or 1 ft with near real-time view of Assets or Personnel in a premises.

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