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eSmart's foray in Identity Assurance technologies began with the inception of our Firmware Design & Development Lab in 2004 with the development of Smart Card Operating Systems. We started out as developers of SCOSTA operating system under our trade name SmartSCOS for smart cards which was a sunrise industry at the beginning of the millennium.. SCOSTA is a specification of the Government of India and maintained by National Informatics Centre, a Ministry of Information Technology.

Over the next decade, eSmart's SmartScos operating systems gained a very large share of the Indian Smart Card OS market. Today, we count the who's who of the industry as our licensees. 

We gained valuable experience by successfully delivering Personalisation Solutions, Card Management Solutions, running AADHAAR enrolment projects in multiple districts, System Integrating and running a Driving License and Vehicle Registration project in an Indian state with the largest vehicle density and delivered Tax Identification Cards (PAN Cards) for our customer.

Our experience spans
-Smart Cards,
-Iris, Facial & Fingerprint Biometric Identification,
- Wireless Access Control,
- Smart Card Operating Systems,
- Card Personalisation,
- Large Scale Enrolments,
- Card & Key Management.

Skill Sets

Over the last 14 years, eSmart has aquired an array of skillsets & experience in the Identity Assurance domain, especially with respect to Smart Cards and Biometrics. Our experienced team members are capable of taking on any task and delivering on time, everytime. 


- Card Lifecycle Management
- Key Management
- Digital Certificates, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
- Smart Card Operating Systems
- Smart Card Personalization
- Biometrics - Iris & Fingerprint Recognition
- Smart Card Readers


- ePurse
- ePassport
- Electronic & International Driving Licenses
- Micro Insurance
- Micro Finance & Payments
- Secure Access Modules
- Wireless Physical Access Control & Indoor Positioning

Identity Assurance and IoT

We used our expertise in Identity Assurance built over the last 14 years and used IoT technologies to re-imagine a Physical Access Control System. Our Patent Pending Solution is designed to integrate with IoT Networks starting from your personal needs, enterprise needs with additional ability to monitor assets and environmental parameters across large areas in a city or town. This exciting product range is being rolled out this year.


T: +91-11-46645500


T: +91-11-46645500

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