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Internet of Things

It is a crowded marketplace for companies vying to build and develop solutions for the exciting new concept of Internet of Things. Everyone seems to have a take on what it should be and how their offerings will add value to their businesses and their customers.

eSmart, like others, caught on this field early. In 2014, we initiated our foray in this new field and chose to build a Physical Access Control & Indoor Positioning System (PACIPS) by re-imagining the way Access Control Systems worked now.  We filed a patent for our solution in April 2016 and set about completing the entire product suite.

Our idea was to eliminate the need to wire up a premises and make the system capable of allowing asset tracking and indoor positioning in addition to working with all kind of sensors for things like temperature, indoor air quality and allied controllers to trigger actions based on the data analytics presented by such sensors.

Our Hardware Design Lab set about designing and building the entire architecture of such a solution and in early 2016 we filed our first patent for this solution and we are now unveiling a complete PACIPS system wherein almost all the IP has been built in-house. This includes the industrial design, Firmware, platform, mobile apps, tokens & active smart cards. 

IoT Technologies

IoT Technologies to eliminate the need to run network cables to the controller and read the MYTAG Cards & Tokens that pass within the range of the Wireless Readers. 
Data consolidation, aggregation & analytics on IBM BlueMix IoT cloud platform or our On Premises platform. 

Massively Scalable

Massively Scalable. MYTAG Enterprise Gateway connects to the MYTAG Platform (on Cloud or on Premises), Wireless Reader end-points or additional MYTAG Enterprise Gateway's to create a wireless mesh network which is self forming and self healing. 

Open Doors & Track Indoor Position

MYTAG Wireless Readers connect to the Enterprise Gateway over the mesh and binds with it's assigned door controller to provide access and simultaneously track assets & personnel.

(LPWA) Low Power Wide Area 

e-Smart joined the LoRA Alliance in 2016 to design and build IoT Products and Solutions using  LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) Technologies. Our R&D is busy furthering our vision and in addition to LoRA, we are also assessing other LPWA technologies to ensure optimized and interoperable end-to-end products & solutions.

In November 2015, Machina Research prepared a white paper for LoRA Alliance which describes the LPWA IoT opportunity in a simple and clear manner. We are happy to provide a link to the document hereunder.