Indoor Positioning with MyTAG

Deploying the MYTAG Physical Access Control & Indoor Positioning (PACIPS) System in a premises allows to go wireless and eliminate the need to deploy or maintain expensive network cabling. Our patent pending technology combines the two most obvious use cases and offers a choice of tags that can be used depending upon the client needs.

Use our Sub Ghz 865/868/914 Mhz Tags for Indoor positioning Accuracy upto 2 meters (in most scenarios, subject to environmental factors). These are available in Token, Active Smart Card or Solar powered Asset Tag form factors. If you need even more accuracy, we have the same set availabe with Ultra Wide Band time of flight technology giving an Indoor Positioning Accuracy of 10 centimeters.

The Asset Tags are designed to run perpetually with Solar Power as little as 50-60 Lux (minimum) and 200 lux (nominal) to keep the Tag charged. They have temper detection and can be glued to your asset surface using a high strength double sided tape.

All tags communicate with our readers which connect securely over Wifi to our MYTAG Platform to give you near real time positioning data and alarms.

Use Cases

Track Valuables & Assets

For enterprises, tracking Laptops is a headache due to the data they loose in case of theft. Tag the Laptops with our Asset Tags and assign the Laptop to the user in the Physical Access Control Module. Now if the Laptop Leaves the premises without it's owner, you will get an alarm. You will know where it is in the premises too. 

Similarly, other movable or immovable assets that need to be monitored may be tagged with our Tokens or Asset Tags.

Indoor Positioning in Education

Deploying MYTAG System allows you to automatically mark attendance, know where a student or teacher is on Campus, monitor school bus usage and alert parents before the student is about to be dropped off at their bus stop. Multiple use cases can be built using the inbuilt rules engine.

Indoor Positioning in Hospitals

Deploying MYTAG System in Hospitals allows the management to know where a critically needed doctor is, Tag and track newborns or patients, Find an expensive critical care bed or machine quickly and monitor maintenance staff/janitors etc. and their work schedules. 

Indoor Positioning in Museums

Assign a MYTAG Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon to the displays. As a visitors comes close to the display, the Custom Museum MYTAG app will show the display item's information on their mobile. If the valuable display item is moved by anyone, It wil be detected by our inbuilt gyro-accelerometer and an Alert will be generated instantly.

Tracking Visitors/Contract Workers in near real time

Issue our Visitor Cards or MyTAG Tokens to visitors through our MyTAG System platform. You will know in near real time where the visitor is in the premises. Assign paths to person to be met and only doors leading to the meeting will be activated. Visitor Management in the real sense. 

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MyTAG on Campus 

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