Application Flexibility

MyTAG CSP-8 has a 2 or 3 layer architecture. The SE (Application) can host a specific application tailored for user project requirements which can additionally/optionally be evaluated for Common Criteria EAL2 and provide an on-board application logic including user management, transaction management or it can act as a secure pass-through for the host system directly with the SE (CSP).

This power packed device can handle most of today's security requirements comfortably. It can seamlessly and securely perform the intended functions; be it as a digital signature device or for secure storage of encrypted data or as a HSM or in a cluster running with high end servers. 

Cryptographic flexibility

The SE (CSP) supports symmetric and asymmetric cryptography according to the most recent standards and recommendations.

  • Symmetric Cryptography - AES 128, 356 bits (CBC & CMAC modes).
  • Secure Hash - SHA256/384/512 bits, HMAC-SHA256.
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) with key sizes 256, 384 & 512 bits (ECDSA & ECDH).
  • RSA with key sizes 2048 and 3072 bits (RSA-PSS & RRSA-OAEP).
  • On device key generation for all key types.
  • Key Import and Export.
  • On DEvice PKCS#10 CSR generation.
  • Key Attestation.
  • Key usage counter.
  • Session Key Generation and Usage.
  • Signature Creation with optional time stamp & verification.
  • Hybrid Encryption & Decryption.

The SE (Application) allows to Add other application specific / non-standard cryptographic mechanisms based on project requirements (requires customisation) without loosing the certification of the SE(CSP)

Secure Key Management

The combination of secure key import/export and key attestation allows easy design and implementation of hierarchical key management strategies built on multiple instances of MyTAG CSP-8 or in combination with standard HSMs. 

Memory - Hierarchy

Both SE (Application & SE (CSP) subsystems have 1.54 MB of Tamper Resistant Secure Flash Memory Fully under the application control.

- In SE (CSP), this memory is used for storage of keys, Certificates and Audit Trails of security related events.
- In SE (Application) this memory can be used for long or mid-term storage of application specific sensitive data that needs to be stored in a tamper resistant manner or needs to be accessed frequently or with low latency.
- An additional 8 GB 15 nm MLC Flash Memory (FAT 32 only) with high performance access to the host via the SD interface is available to store signed / encrypted data created by the secure sub-systems. This memory can also be used to booth from MyTAG CSP-8 or to provide primary storage to the host if it has only one SD interface available.

Interface Flexibility

The MyTAG CSP-8 has multiple options for interfacing with different hosts. The device can be used in its native form of MicroSD UHS-1 or used with a carrier adaptor as an SD Card or USB Carrier. MyTAG CSP-8 can be used in multiple application scenarios with no specialised drivers and it can be integrated with virtually any host running Linux, Windows or Android operating Systems.

In the case the host has USB2.0/USB3.0 support, a commonly available off-the-shelf USB MicroSD carrier may be used.

The Device also provides IEC/ISO 7816 Smart Card interface (Class B&C only) with full functionality, which can be used via a ID-1 plastic carrier card.

(Temporary carrier of a removable memory card, method of production and processing of a removable card - PCT/IB2013052286 under agreement with Logomotion)

Future Upgrades

All security related components can receive a field update through the evaluated update code package process for new functionality or enhancements.

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