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We live in a world that is progressing at a break-neck speed with digitisation and an increasing number of areas of our daily life are being enriched with networked information technology. We design, build and deliver products that assist users to protect their identity, data and information so that they can confidently address the new evolving threat classes.

The Challenge

As more and more people move their data online, completely new threat classes are evolving as attacks are now automated and carried out remotely. Devices continue to become smart with the mainstreaming of IoT, business processes they support become more and more vulnerable. The control is increasingly centralised on one's own personal devices which are continuously connected to the internet as humongous amounts of data moves into the cloud. This leads to an acute need for strong safety anchors that can be integrated into these smart devices and smartphones. 

To achieve this, we have envisaged a new breed of solutions that are highly adaptable, yet powerful but still inexpensive and economical.


A Micro Hardware Security Module in MicroSD form factor, the CSP-8 implements a Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP) security architecture as defined by BSI PP104. It encapsulates re-usable essential cryptographic functions along with secure time stamp service and audit trails on a secure element.

MYTAG FIDO2 Authenticators

Beyond Passwords, FIDO is the future of user authentication. This USB + NFC device uses open standards published by Fido Alliance for simpler, stronger authentication using public key cryptography and provides single gesture Phishing-Resistant Multi Factor Authentication. We expect to launch this product in Q4 this year.

SmartScos Smart Card OS

e-Smart has built and licensed smart card operating systems to global who's who of the Smart Card Industry. We have over 18 years experience in this field and have a state of the art lab certified for secure product development. The product range covers Electronic Passports, Electronic Drivers Licenses & Vehicle Registration Certificates, Electronic Health Cards etc.. 

Industry & Enterprise 4.0 - IoT Systems

We deliver our integrated and highly scalable IoT enabled solution with patented Access Control, Indoor Asset Tracking (Accuracy = ~1 m) to optimise shop-floor movement of man and material, Remote Switches, Multiple Sensor types all integrated in our MYTAG platform with it's own business intelligence Engine. We also integrate & customise your machines to extract real time data for production optimisation or integration with your SAP or Oracle ERP systems. 

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