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e-Smart has built and licensed state of the art smart card operating systems to global who's who of the smart card industry. We have 18 years experience in designing, developing and delivering certified products for large scale Government projects like Driving Licenses, Vehicle Registration Cards, ePassports, Health Cards etc.. 

Smartscos ® SCOSTA

A Native ISO 7816 Contact mode OS based on NIC's 1.2b specification with errata & addendum, SmartScos SCOSTA is available on NXP/Samsung and other micro-controllers. Suitable for Driving Licenses, Vehicle Registration schemes, the product is available with 32K and 64K EEPROM/Secure Flash clear memory.

Smartscos ® SCOSTA-CL

A Native ISO 14443 Type A & B Contactless mode OS based on NIC's 1.2 specification, SmartScos SCOSTA CL is available on NXP & Samsung micro-controllers. The product is certified by international testing labs like FIME and Keolabs. The OS is available for licensing with upto 80K EEPROM/Secure Flash clear memory. A specific version with inbuilt closed loop e-Purse is available.

Smartscos ® ePassport

A Native ICAO 9303 compliant OS for MRTD application, The product is certified upto Common Criteria CCEAL 4+ and is tested for interoperability extensively.

The product supports PA/BAC and AA/BAC. EAC/SAC will be available soon.

Smartscos ® eDL/iDL

A Native ISO 18013 - 1,2,3,4 compliant OS for global Electronic Driving License / International Driving License schemes. The product is certified by Keolabs.

Smartscos ® PKI

A native operating system, SmartScos PKI is a RSA compliant smart card OS with RSA asymmetric key and PKCS#15 support. Supports RSA 1024 and 2048, SHA 1, SHA 256. AES 128, AES 256

Smartscos ® qSPARC 2.0

A dual interface applet with ISO 7816 and ISO 14443 support, designed on National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) qSPARC 2.0 specification. Supports CDA, DDA.

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