Internet of Things

We at e-Smart understand IoT and it's applications in today's industries & enterprises very well. At the core of our offerings is a set of building blocks that are required to harness the ability of connected devices to integrate wirelessly & seamlessly within workflows to drive efficiencies and automation.

These building blocks include Readers and Sensors, Tags, Controllers and Switches combined with our Platform, Customised Apps and integration services.    

Industry 4.0 

IoT solutions for integrating production processses in manufacturing.

Enterprise 4.0

IoT solutions for automating Facilities Management processes in Enterprises.

The Building Blocks for Secure IoT & IIOT

The building blocks for our IoT based Industry 4.0 and Enterprise 4.0 solution are constantly under development and new sensors and functionality is added to keep pace with the technology evolution and envisaged market needs. The entire solution is secured with end-to-end encryption with built in secure elements. Hereunder, we provide a brief overview of our platform, devices and Applications.


MyTAG™ System revolves around our MyTAG Platform and IoT enabled devices, sensors & Apps.  The devices securely connect wirelessly to the platform and send data at programmed intervals for data analytics in the built in BI engine or for triggering actions.


Highly configurable & massively scalable platform with a unique interface & built in analytics engine. Works with multiple locations, functional zones & areas. Allows adding sensors, readers and users for central monitoring. Easily manage access control, book workstations or meeting rooms, trigger air purifiers if indoor air quality falls, Track Assets in real time across the site, Open all doors in case of Fire alarm or trigger a Lockdown...

Wireless Readers

Wireless Readers Physical Access Control and Indoor Location readers with Wifi, NFC and UWB built into a single device and an optional Wiegand interface.

Tags & Tokens

Asset tracking through our BLE, Sub-GHz or UWB Tags with optional NFC and a replaceable battery with a long life.

Wireless Locks

Standard COTS Magnetic Locks fitted with our Wireless IoT interface to securely communicate with our Readers and Platform.

Wireless I/O Controller

Wireless I/O controller with 2 Relay outputs and 1 Wiegand Interface to control any electrical accessory or system directly through our platform.

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