Hardware Security Module - MYTAG CSP8

The Rationale

Depending upon project specifications, it's associated security requirements are met with by deploying Smart Cards and Hardware Security Modules (HSM).. These are secure devices that are Tamper Resistant and are designed to hold Cryptographic keys securely to process transactions in a manner that the information therein does not get compromised.

Current COTS solutions for a Tamper Resistant Device (TRD) / Hardware Security Module (HSM) are secure and serve the purpose but their design comes from an era when the requirements for hardware cryptographic equipment was restricted to mainly Government or Financial Domains with very large issuances.

The flexibility, ease of use and suitability to the needs of the current paradigm, where the need for dependable security has percolated down to the hands of a Smartphone User or a Smart Device performing a useful function in a forgotten corner, requires a complete rethink & redesign. Using the current crop of devices in today's data intensive and security challenged world is quite limiting and is akin to fitting a square peg to a round hole. 

The other inter-related legacy option is a Smart Cards based solution where keys are stored another set of Smart Cards. They are admittedly complex creatures to implement/deploy and require specialised domain knowledge.  Smart Cards require a reader to interface with today's devices thereby ruling the ISO 7816 (contact) interface and come with very little persistent storage with slower communication speeds due to the inherent limitations of the protocols. 

Smart Card's also have no concept of "RTC or Time" which limits their usage in transaction based applications where time stamps are important.

Standard HSM's available in the market are expensive and difficult to obtain, implement and master in addition to being bulky with added complexity in key management. 

A Path Breaking MicroHSM

Our solution is a comprehensive re-think of the security architecture based on today's realities that does not compromise on Security, is flexible, is affordable and easy to integrate in diverse user environments that are now more and more distributed & connected.

MYTAG CSP-8 is a Micro Hardware Security Module (HSM) that packs a punch. At the core, it implements the CSP (Cryptographic Service Provider) security architecture as defined by BSI (Federal office for Information Security - Germany). The CSP encapsulates re-usable essential cryptographic functions along with secure time stamp service and audit trail implemented on a secure element (SE-CSP), a highly secure high-performance dual core 32 bit security chip with Common Criteria EAL 5+ security and dedicated secure co-processor for all cryptographic operations combined with our EAL4+ compliant CSP Operating system. 

At the next level, a second secure element (SE-Application) of the same hardware spec is implemented for customer application(s) for the cases where it si not appropriate to put all the application onto the host. Finally, the product is integrated with the host through a standard UHS-I class microSD flash controller with 8GB NAND flash along with a sufficiently large tamper resistant storage deep inside the secure chips. 

MyTAG CSP-8 Features

MyTAG CSP-8 Specifications

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